Supply chain theft in the United States is occurring with unprecedented frequency. Theft rings are increasingly organized and sophisticated, and theft within supply chains continues to increase across the country. The potential for loss is substantial, and cargo theft can result in consequences that extend far beyond the monetary losses resulting from theft of product: routine cargo theft can result in an increased cost of goods, higher insurance premiums, and decreased market share. Companies that are repeatedly victimized and thus unable to deliver products on time will eventually lose consumer confidence. When combined with the loss of time, resources and efficiency, supply chain theft can create severe consequences for companies, industries and the U.S. consumer market as a whole.

From low-risk route planning to cargo escorts to advanced monitoring technologies, Blue Star Security provides the most effective solutions available for supply chain security nationwide. Our team partners with logistics companies to implement onsite security measures at warehouses and distribution centers; our skilled supply chain security professionals guard your supply chain from theft by utilizing the most effective over-the-road cargo escort programs in the nation.

Although GPS technology is excellent at tracking the progress of loads in the system and locating stolen product, a highly-trained and dedicated escort team is ultimately the most powerful resource to deter supply chain theft activity.

Our law enforcement professionals have extensive experience with ensuring the security of sensitive shipments from departure to safe arrival. Our supply chain security equipment and procedures provide tracking mechanisms for all vehicles we escort, and our cargo escort teams remain in close contact with our clients.

The Blue Star Security team comprises of law enforcement agents who understand when and where supply chains are at greatest risk. We mobilize teams in escort vehicles for uninterrupted travel along with constant protective surveillance. Our advanced technology systems provide essential support in the delivery of supply chain security solutions.

We deliver critical training through the use of sophisticated web technology to confirm that our agents are on duty and on time. Our system logs required data for every truck and trailer upon arrival and departure from our client’s distribution centers and truck yards. Our clients are provided with comprehensive notifications and sophisticated incident reporting .

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