There is an undeniable and increasing trend involving critical emergency situations in our school systems. Over the past 30 years, school shooting incidents have increased by 450%, gang and drug activity in schools have risen sharply, and bullying and harassment continue to negatively impact students across the nation. The current statistics and data about school violence are chilling: homicide is now the second leading cause of death among youth aged 5-18, with a substantial number of deaths occurring either on school grounds or on the way to or from school. Over half of active shooters in school shooting incidents are current students; the firearms used during these incidents come primarily from the student’s home.

Given the alarming regularity of school violence and the fact that it occurs indiscriminately across all corners of the country, it is simply unacceptable in this day and age for school systems not to address their vulnerabilities and risks. Our children – our greatest assets and our future – deserve a safe and secure environment in which to learn, and they depend on us to provide it. It should be noted that emotional and physical safety in schools are directly related to academic performance.

School security requires a proactive approach and largely involves prevention and planning. Blue Star Security is committed to the safety of our children and their right to learn in a secure environment. Our team will work with your staff to develop a customized security solution ideal for your school; we can assist with designing, educating and implementing ongoing safety procedures. With our school security services, we will focus on acquiring and responding to all intelligence and conduct specifically-timed regular school drills to sharpen communication goals. Our team will assist not only in preventing violence on your school property, but also in providing threat assessments and customized training for your staff. Our agents can protect students during special events on school property or outside the school grounds during field trips.

Our team of highly trained, experienced professionals can provide various school security services including:

  • Active Shooter Training

  • Professional Security Assessments

  • Theft and Loss Protection

  • Managing Access Authorizations

  • Employment Screening

  • Evacuation Management

  • Clear, Facility-Wide Announcements

  • Emergency Planning for Fires and Attacks