Organized retail crime poses a significant and ongoing problem for retail businesses across the United States. That’s why it’s important to hire organized retail crime investigators to protect your retail store from various retail crimes. At Blue Star Security, we’re here to help you feel safe and secure.

Organized retail crime (ORC) refers to professional shoplifting, cargo theft, retail crime rings and other organized crime that occurs in retail environments. But this does not involve amateur shoplifters who steal merchandise for personal use. Instead, ORC involves sophisticated criminal organizations made up of professional thieves who work in teams to illegally obtain retail merchandise in substantial quantities through both theft and fraud. Capable of operating on a local, regional, national or international scale, the objective of these criminal enterprises is to turn stolen goods into financial gain.

Theft operations range from simple to extremely complex, sometimes involving organizers, boosters, fencing operations, re-packagers, and illegitimate wholesale operations. Thieves are often recruited and well-trained to fill a specific role within the operation. Working together, ORC groups are capable of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from multiple retailers in a single day. They are highly motivated and mobile criminals, and advancements in technology have only made their ability to resell stolen merchandise easier and more profitable.

The losses attributed to ORC enterprises are staggering, costing American companies and our economy tens of billions of dollars every year. These intricate criminal operations have devastated many retail businesses and continue to do so. Their activities are also growing more brazen and violent, putting the safety of customers and store employees in jeopardy. From in-store thefts to cargo hijacking, these incidents often involve fear, intimidation and violence.

Addressing ORC requires an advanced level of skill and training. As a licensed and insured investigative firm comprised of law enforcement professionals, Blue Star Security has extensive experience in dealing with ORC criminal organizations. Our organized retail crime investigator team understands how the underground economy works and how to successfully investigate and infiltrate these groups. Most investigators can watch these groups operate from afar by conducting surveillance. Our team, however, has successfully infiltrated criminal organizations and exposed their entire organizational structure.

Our undercover and surveillance team has the insight, experience, and expertise in working cases in preparation for a criminal prosecution. As organized retail crime investigators, we understand the importance of providing credible investigative evidence in order to effectively attack these criminal organizations and prevent retail businesses from victimization.

Blue Star Security provides retail security services for every facet of the retail industry, with a particular focus on loss prevention at store locations and distribution centers, construction sites and shopping malls. Shoplifting, return fraud and employee theft result in a staggering $100 billion annual loss for retailers, with shoplifting representing the largest portion of that annual loss. People of every race, ethnicity, gender and social class shoplift – these thieves range from amateurs acting on impulse to organized criminal networks that resell the stolen items on the black market. Shoplifters who have been caught are shown to have an average of $200 worth of stolen merchandise. The losses from shoplifting can have a devastating impact on a retailer’s bottom line; every retailer, across the entire spectrum of the industry, is susceptible to theft.

Our retail security officers are trained to reduce inventory loss and to provide your customers with additional confidence, protection and assistance. The mere presence of a security agent at a retail establishment is a visible crime deterrent that is sufficient in drastically reducing theft. Our law enforcement professionals have been trained to identify signs of shoplifting as well as how to effectively mitigate an incident if it arises. Additionally, every agent on the Blue Star Security team is a state-certified law enforcement professional with extensive training in mitigating critical security threats.

Every retail environment requires a unique strategy and a customized solution, whether this solution involves uniformed officers and electronic surveillance cameras or business-attired investigators and undercover agents. Our trained security agents will work closely with your business to customize a security solution perfectly tailored to your needs. We are committed to delivering powerful solutions for loss prevention, asset protection, risk and liability mitigation and workplace violence prevention.

All of our security agents are adeptly experienced at providing security protection at liquidation events, grand openings and store closings. We also provide unparalleled protection at:

  • Distribution centers

  • Warehouses

  • Real estate developments

  • Construction sites

.Our protective services are customized to each location and situation, and our officers are skilled in assessing security issues and problems before they arise. In the current era, this level of protection is invaluable in safeguarding your business and your assets.