The Blue Star Security Team Has Developed an Action Plan for Restaurants

Because of ongoing threats like terrorist, and active shooters, The Restaurants Industry faces a wide range of security risks. Blue Star Security has developed recommendations that provides general strategies for ongoing security risk control. We are focused on making sure everyone feels safe in any environment.


Action Plan:

-Develop written security policies and emergency management procedures to respond to emergency situations.

-Conduct periodic emergency evacuation drills.

-Establish a pre-employment screening program, especially for employees with financial responsibility or access to high-value goods, such as meats and liquor, with in-depth -checking of an applicant’s job history and references.

-Hire trained, experienced Off Duty Officers who are there to protect patrons and staff in the event of a potentially dangerous situation.

-Perform regular audits of all security procedures to ensure that maintenance programs are up to date and security procedures are being followed.


Access Control:

-It is important control access into the building by locking all exterior entrances, including those to basement and shipping/receiving areas, without conflicting with life safety and fire code requirements.

-Implement a program to control the issuance of keys, including procedures to recover keys from former employees.

-Control access to air intakes of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to prevent attempts to introduce contaminants into the system. Check credentials of outside maintenance personnel.


Security Procedures:

If access control is a problem, or the size of the staff is large, issue photo identification cards to all employees and require the card to be displayed at all times.

·Provide adequate illumination for the building, including parking lots and garages.

·Consider installing security film on accessible windows that face public streets and parking areas.

·To deter robbery, keep cash in cash registers to the minimum amount necessary to conduct business. Keep extra cash in a cash safe or make regular bank deposits.

·Advise staff to be watchful of activities in and around buffets/salad bars, which may be targets for food contamination.

·Develop procedures for checking the safety of food deliveries.

·Develop security procedures (i.e., a bomb threat checklist) for mail and packages, if bomb threats are a concern.



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