School Summer Holiday Security Tips for School Instructors

School Summer Holiday Security Tips for School Instructors

School security instructors, like administrators, teachers, and crisis team members, should pay more attention to theft, vandalism and arson attacks in school buildings during summer holidays, when the students and you are off school. Here are the top 5 useful school summer holiday security tips for you school instructors.


1. Add or Enhance School Security Camera Systems

One of the most effective equipment for school security during summer vacations is security camera systems. High quality security cameras provide high resolution video footage and live streaming of what happens in school, 24/7 monitor the areas, trigger alarms and alerts to inform you when theft, vandalism and arson attacks occur, and allow recording playback.

Consider whether the school buildings, including the classroom buildings, apartments, canteen, etc. need extra security cameras. Install reliable security camera systems in all the places you want for security and surveillance.


2. Consider Security Alarms

It’s a good school summer security tip to place alarms within areas where expensive IT equipment is located. When theft or vandalism is going to happen, the alarms will arouse big noise to let everyone nearby know that there is something wrong. Thus this would discourage further crimes and avoid bigger loss. Ensure the smoke alarms are working well during the summer vacation.


3. Make Sure Doors and Windows are Closed

Most burglars break into a building through open doors and windows. Make sure all the doors and windows are well closed and locked if the building is not in use. If there are missing parts or some are broken, try to fix them as soon as possible. Check if the gates are fitted with suitable locks.


4. Leave Security Guards in the Schoolyard

For better school security during summer holidays, security guards should be on working. Leave enough guards in school and encourage them to walk around the school to check if areas have theft, vandalism and arson. A person within a school will be responsible for safety.


5. Post and Enforce a Holiday Access Policy

If part of the building is being used over the summer vacations by clubs, staff or community groups, you should post a holiday access policy and enforce it. State clearly security instructions covering alarms, access routes, times, the management of keys, responsibilities, emergency plans, etc.