Preparing For Real-Life Events

There’s no way to ever know when a shooting, or other attacks may happen , but it is always good to be prepared, and alert! No one wants to think that their event or conference will be disrupted by an active shooter, act of god, or terrorist attack. Unfortunately, there are clear precedents from the last few years that show event planners must be prepared regardless.

There is a 61% chance that the active shooter has a connection to the targeted location. He or she would likely be familiar with whatever safety and security protocols are in place. 

Even though an active-shooter or terrorist event is still very unlikely at your event, we’ve gathered recommendations to help you prepare, just in case!

  • Assess Your Risks and Have a Plan
  • Gather Emergency Contact For Your Attendees
  • Invest In Your Infrastructure
  • Ensure Your Staff Know What to Do
  • Ensure Your Attendees Know What to Do: Contact, Run, Hide, and Fight?
  • Have a Plan for Immediately After the Incident

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