Personal Security Tips for Corporate Executives

With the rise of global insecurity, the awareness to stay safe at work is of paramount importance not just to employee but also the employer. The Human Resource of every organization is mandated to ensure that they pass regular security tips to employees. The truth is that if employees are safe, definitely the organization will be safe as well.

As a corporate executive in an organization, you will not only be exposed to physical threats, but also threats from online and also via the phone that is why it is very imperative for employees and employers as well to be proactive when it comes to security issues. There should be established protocol on how to handle various degree of security threat.


1. Don’t Expose Your Company’s Vital Info to Strangers

You first responsibility as an employee in any organization is to ensure that you keep your company’s vital info and trade secret safe. Under no circumstance should you expose your company’s vital info to strangers. A breach in your company’s security won’t just affect your job but it will also affect your organization.


2. Ensure That All Doors and Windows are properly locked when leaving the Office

If you are the last person to leave the office, it is important to ensure that all the doors and windows are properly locked before leaving the office. It won’t take you up to 5 minutes to do this.


3. Ensure that there are Security Lights at the Entrance and All around Your Office Premises

When there are security lights at the entrance of your office and also all around the premises, it makes it easier to notice strange movements and intruders especially if you resume very early in the morning.


5. Password Your Computer and Documents

If you work with computers at work, it is important to create passwords for your computer and documents to prevent people from having easy access to your work document and info.


6. If You Make Use of Laptops, Ensure That They Are Kept Safe at All Times

It is your responsibility to ensure that the organization’s properties under your care are kept safe at all times, especially your laptops.


8. Install Alarm System in Your Car if You Travel to Work with It 

You should also consider installing alarm system in your car since nobody will be held responsible if your car is stolen from a public car park.


9. Ensure That the Emergency Exits are Passable

It will not be a wise decision to only make use of emergency exits during emergency, it is important to confirm if all emergency exits are passable.


17. Don’t Store Non Official Info / Document in Your Official Computer

Try as much as possible to keep your private life away from your office, don’t store your non official info or document in your official computer if you do, people (I.T. Admin) can easily access them.


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