Cargo Theft

Cargo theft threats represent a significant dollar loss of the value of a single load of product, but there is also the risk of potential supply chain compromise of entire production runs.

We partner with logistics and transportation firms to guard your supply chain against theft of product through on site-security measures at warehouses and distribution centers and one of the most effective over-the-road cargo escort programs in the nation. Our cargo escort teams remain in contact with dispatch centers. The use of GPS technology provides excellent tools for tracking progress of loads in the system and for locating stolen product after the fact, but no technical device can equal the deterrent effect of a trained and dedicated escort team.

Blue Star Security deploys experienced professionals to assure security of sensitive shipments from departure to safe arrival. We have the equipment and procedures in place to provide tracking mechanisms for all vehicles we escort.

We provide effective solutions for freight security nationwide. Contact us  to schedule a security assessment today!