Active Shooting In School

There has been, on average, *1 school shooting every week in 2018

State of the art training, preparation and a dedicated armed security team can minimize the damage and save lives!

These episodes are financially, physically and emotionally disastrous to the organizations that are targeted. The key to reducing the damage caused to both human lives and financial loss is preparation. Advanced in-depth preparation and detailed planning could prevent your organization from being targeted or reduce the impact if an attack occurs.

The average response time of law enforcement to active shooter events is approximately 3 minutes (much faster than the average for standard 911 calls). This leaves the targeted organization, on average, 3 minutes to prepare, defend and protect potential victims.

How quickly and efficiently an organization responds during those 180 seconds is critical. How an organization plans, organizes, prepares, trains and practices in the preceding weeks, months and years is critical. A proactive security plan, protocols, physical design, monitoring equipment and mindset and training used by the organization can have a significant impact on how its members survive the attack.

Please take a moment to view our active shooter video:

Here’s one example of why having a highly trained armed guard can make a difference

This officer stopped a school shooter before anyone got hurt

An Illinois school resource officer was praised as a hero for intervening when a former student opened fire Wednesday morning at Dixon High School.

US Vice President Mike Pence lauded the “heroic actions” of Dixon Police Officer Mark Dallas, who shot and wounded the gunman.

“Another example of the brave work performed by law enforcement every day. Lives were saved thanks to the heroic actions of school resource officer Mark Dallas,” Pence said on Twitter.


 *list of shootings

May 18: Santa Fe, Texas

May 11: Palmdale, California

April 20: Ocala, Florida

April 12: Raytown, Missouri

April 9: Gloversville, New York

March 20: Lexington Park, Maryland

March 13: Seaside, California

March 8: Mobile, Alabama

March 7: Birmingham, Alabama

March 7: Jackson, Mississippi

March 2: Mount Pleasant, Michigan

February 27: Norfolk, Virginia

February 27: Itta Bena, Mississippi

February 24: Savannah, Georgia

February 14: Parkland, Florida

February 9: Nashville

February 5: Oxon Hill, Maryland

February 1: Los Angeles

January 31: Philadelphia

January 23: Benton, Kentucky

January 22: Italy, Texas

January 20: Winston Salem, North Carolina